Complete feature-length, award-winning screenplays, some of which are currently in production development...

A M E R I C A N   B O R N 

Drama / Biopic

Written by Nathan Ellis & Gwydhar Gebien & Jane Pak Oh

The daughter of famed Korean freedom fighter Dosan AhnChangho must choose between preserving her family’s legacy and fighting her way to become the first Asian American woman in the US Navy.


Action-Thriller / Horror

Written by Nathan Ellis, Story by Nathan Ellis & P.K. Stinich

In years following the collapse of civilization after the outbreak of pandemic disease, two women embark on a dangerous journey to a distant safehouse facility that turns into a fight for survival against a wasteland of murderous brigands and inhuman creatures.



Psychological Thriller / Horror

Written by Nathan Ellis & Jane Pak Oh

A disturbed FBI Agent hunts down the leader of a human sex trafficking syndicate responsible for the death of her colleague, but the deeper she ventures into the darkness, the more she realizes that things are not what they seem.

M A N  o n  t h e  M O U N T A I N

Military Drama

Screenplay by Nathan Ellis, Story by Nathan Ellis & Steve Stafford

When a reclusive Vietnam veteran unexpectedly finds himself in the fight of his life with a son he hasn't connected with in years, he is forced to accept one of the most difficult truths he will ever face.


T H E  C L E A N I N G  G I R L

Psychological Thriller / Horror

Written by Nathan Ellis

Following the death of her mother, an autistic woman is hired as a custodian at a senior living center, only to discover that some of the stains there... are permanent.

T H E  P R I N C E S S  O F  C H I N A

Absurdist Comedy

Written by Nathan Ellis

With one week left to live and nothing to lose, an irresponsible gambler assumes the identity of his eccentric celebrity twin brother to pursue a lucrative noodle commercial project in China. But when he discovers the lead actress is a self-proclaimed "Princess," things begin to unravel in ways even a fortune cookie couldn't predict.

T H E  W H I S P E R S

Science Fiction / Thriller

Written by Nathan Ellis & Michael Laib

In the mysterious woods near Mount Shasta, a young girl has supernatural encounters with the presence of her late father, then convinces her friends to journey into the forest and discover what it wants.