It was in 6th grade, when Nathan decided he wanted to serve in the military before pursuing filmmaking professionally.

Nathan served 7 years on Active Duty Army service as a helicopter pilot and Aviation officer, including one year-long combat deployment to Afghanistan where he was awarded such accolades as the Bronze Star and an Air Medal with Valor device. 

In 2013 he received an honorable discharge at the rank of Captain.  It is a personal mission of his to ensure the life-lessons and integrity he experienced while in service forever reflect in his creative endeavors.

Nathan received an MFA in production from USC and believes his time in service was invaluable to his development as an artist.


As an Academy Nicholl Fellowship top 50 semifinalist and award-winning filmmaker, he has a passion for character-driven stories about relevant and meaningful subject matter.


Nathan is currently repped as a writer / director at LBI Entertainment where several of his projects are being developed, most notably having one of his feature scripts acquired by an Academy Award winning producer. 

After experiencing the drop-ship sequence in ALIENS, Nathan's interest in aviation was born.


He has since trained extensively in both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, in addition to having quite a few "combat drops" under his belt...


- Commercial Pilot Rating (Rotary-Wing)

- Instrument Rating

- Single Engine Land Private (Fixed-Wing)


- UH-60 A/L Black Hawk

- UH-1 Iroquois "Huey"

- Bell 212 Eagle Single

- Bell 206 Jet Ranger

- AS350 AStar


- CJ3 Citation Jet

- M2 Citation Jet

- C90 King Air

- C208 Caravan

- Cessna 182 Skylane

- Cessna 172 Skyhawk

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